Lee Gentry for U.S. Congress


Government Spending

Demands for fiscal responsibility have gone unanswered by many members of the U.S. Congress for too long.  I pledge to cut wasteful spending, to curb the use of earmarks, and to hold the line against tax increases.  We must reduce our national debt so that current and future generations are not burdened.  With my strong accounting and finance background, I will seek innovative means to reduce spending and taxes so that you have more of your hard-earned dollars. 

Globalization is an undeniable factor in our current economy.  While increased integration into the world economy has benefited our country to a degree, we must recognize those whose livelihoods have been disrupted by globalization.  As your candidate, I am keenly aware of concerns about how international economic trends have impacted our community.  My goal is to promote policies that aid domestic job growth, to curtail the loss of jobs overseas, and to help coordinate job retraining programs for those in need of new job skills.

Energy & the Environment
In light of increasing gasoline prices, we must work to develop alterative sources of energy to reduce our reliance on foreign oil.  We should allow domestic drilling and make sure that no harm is done to our environment.  This is a goal that business leaders and environmental advocates can agree on because of the importance of this issue.  We should put forward a comprehensive energy plan that explores every possible alternative fuel.  Toward that end, I will write legislation to facilitate such endeavors and encourage pioneering efforts to end our reliance on foreign oil.

Border Security
Securing our nation’s borders remains a top concern for voters in our district.  As your U.S. Representative, I will support efforts to strengthen our borders and ports against not only illegal immigration, but also against acts of terrorism, human trafficking, and the flow of illegal drugs into our country.  We need to enact thoughtful plans that provide for all aspects of our national security.

International Relations
Our relationships with leaders from other countries have taken on an increasingly important role with regard to issues ranging from trade to terrorism.  In pursuing our national interests, we must seek ways to encourage positive engagement with other countries and to revitalize our international alliances.  I believe that the tools of diplomacy are vital components as we operate in a more complex global environment.  We have to support our troops to make sure they have the necessary equipment while at the same time not carelessly putting them in harm’s way.  We must consistently evaluate the outcomes to ensure that desired results will be achieved. 

We face increased competition in the twenty-first century.  We can not afford to ignore the educational needs of our children and future generations.  One task before us is to raise educational standards in order to meet the challenges and opportunities of today’s interconnected world.  Local control and parental involvement are key factors to improve the quality of education.  I will help ensure that parents and guardians have more options for the educational needs of their children.  I will also work with local and state leaders to ensure that educational resources are equitably distributed for the improvement of all schools in our community.

As healthcare costs rise, we must look to where we can eliminate operating costs, expand the availability of coverage, allow flexibility, ensure mobility, and maintain quality.  I will support legislation that fosters more choices in healthcare, lowers overall healthcare costs, and prevents the establishment of a purely socialized healthcare system.  However, we need to make sure that the market for healthcare is not being manipulated by any entity and that the millions of uninsured Americans have alternatives to secure health insurance if they desire to do so.  Additionally, preventative measures taken at the individual level can help reduce the overall cost of healthcare for everyone.  

Social Security
Our federal government made a pledge to members of the Greatest Generation and Baby Boomers to provide for part of their retirement needs.  It will be my duty and honor to maintain that promise.  At the same time, we must recognize the different retirement needs of other generations.  While keeping the current Social Security system solvent for those relying on it, we must also be mindful of other retirement options that recognize the flexibility and independence desired by many of today’s workers.  Retirement planning should start early and Americans need to take personal responsibility for their financial future.

We, as a nation, ask much of our men and women in uniform.  Therefore, we must fulfill our obligations to them for their service to our country.  As your future U.S. Representative, I will work tirelessly to make certain that all benefits promised to our armed forces and their families remain intact.  I will also vow to help improve the quality of healthcare and education for U.S. veterans.  Members of our armed forces have put their lives on the line for our freedom and they deserve our honor and respect. 

Second Amendment
I have always appreciated the wisdom of our country’s Founders as expressed in the U.S. Constitution.  The right of Americans to keep and bear arms is important.  I will support laws to promote the legal and safe use of firearms in our society.  I understand that placing an emphasis on responsible gun ownership is the best way to safeguard our rights provided by the Second Amendment.  

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